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  • Professional Windshield Repair vs. Do-it yourself

    Not that windshield repair requires the same intellect as a Rocket Scientist or the steady hand of a Brain Surgeon, but a professional windshield repairer will do a better job of repairing your damaged glass than either of the aforementioned.

    There are three major factors that are missing with a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit that will result in wasted time, wasted money, and a poor repair or replaced windshield. They are:

    1. Proper curing. The sun offers an ultra violet strength of less than 10% of a professional UV curing lamp. The slow and weak cure of the sun is not effective as the glass will go through so many temperature changes, expansion and contraction, and vibration during that cure period.

    2. Proper access to the damage for the bonding resin. Many damages, especially "stars" with multiple legs, will require access through drilling or probing into the impact point. Without proper access each leg may not properly fill all the way to the end. If any part of the damage is left unrepaired, the entire damage is deemed unrepaired.

    3. Training. Professional Windshield Repairers are well trained, many for up to two weeks. They understand the flexibility of the glass and how to properly fill the damage and evacuate the air without breaking the glass, while minimizing or eliminating unsightly blemishes.

    Two other factors that play an important part in a quality repair are equipment and resin. Since most do-it-yourself repair kits cost under $15, their manufacturing cost is limited to about $3 or $4. For that, you get an imported toy, not a quality repair tool. Professional repair resin is designed to match the optical refractive index of the glass and expand and contract at the same rate as the glass. A professional repairer will generally have a variety of resins to call on, depending on the type of damage and/or the ambient temperature and humidity.

    SuperGlass Windshield Repair technicians don't get paid unless they save your windshield to your 100% satisfaction. They will employ every tool and technique to ensure a proper and safe repair for your vehicle.

    Protect your investment and keep your Original Equipment windshield and your original Factory Seal by repairing, rather than ruining, your windshield.

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  • SuperGlass FL, INC. is an independently owned franchise. 

Windshield Repair Facts

Many people are confused about the benefits of windshield repair.  In fact, many auto glass shops purposely confuse or distort the facts so they can get a higher priced glass replacement job.  All the while, the consumer may be spending far more than necessary and getting less benefit than they realized.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q.  Won't I save money just getting my windshield replaced?
A.  No.  Repairing a windshield costs a fraction of replacement.  In fact, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the repair directly.

Q. Which is faster, repairing a crack or just sticking in a new windshield?
A.  Repair is much faster… and convenient.  Unlike specific needs of replacing a windshield, a crack can be repaired in just about any environment, mobile or in-shop – with no degradation of glass quality.

Q.  Seems repair or replacement is easy enough, why would one be safer for me than the other?
A.  Actually, no windshield is quite as safe as the original (installed when your vehicle was built).  With repair, we don’t need to remove the seals and potentially reduce the effectiveness of the OEM glass in your vehicle.  Filling a crack is far safer, and allows you to drive away immediately following the repair.

Q.  Isn't a new (replacement) windshield more durable than a repair?
A.  No.  In fact, many glass shops use reduced quality (cheap) glass to replace your windshield.  This increases their profits – but significantly reduces the clarity and safety of your windshield.  The same holds true for the adhesives used in replacement jobs.  Some adhesives are far better than others, but also more expensive. 

You can actually be put in harms way if the replacement shop uses an inferior adhesive.  You must also pay attention to SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) or your windshield could launch from your vehicle if you were in an accident within a few hours of the replacement job completion. Save your factory seal. It could save your life.

Q.  Is it true that you can see a “wave” in the glass where you repair the windshield?
A.  SuperGlass Windshield Repair guarantees the quality of our repair work.  If you feel the repair isn’t to your satisfaction, or that you can see a disturbance in the repaired glass, we won’t charge you for the work.

Q.  Isn’t it true that a brand new windshield will help me sell my vehicle, rather than just repairing it?
A.  Not typically.  Because of inferior windshield products often used by windshield replacement shops, you could actually decrease the value of your vehicle.  A repair, however, leaves the windshield and its seal intact, only repairing the area that needs fixing.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every repair, as well as guaranteeing the repair against any further breakage for as long as you own the vehicle. SuperGlass Windshield Repair® is the world leader in Windshield repair quality and reliability. Using our exclusive Windshield repair system, which utilizes nearly 30 inches of vacuum and precise pressure increments, we inject our unique SuperGlass resin into the glass damage, restoring the strength and transparency of the windshield, without having to remove the glass from the vehicle. SuperGlass Windshield Repair is the world leader in Windshield repair quality and reliability. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every repair, as well as guaranteeing the repair against any further breakage for as long as you own the vehicle.

Don’t replace your windshield if you don’t have to. Often times, auto glass repair shops will guide you to a full replacement because they make more money from the insurance companies. But most auto glass cracks and chips can simply be repaired. This saves you money, and retains the seal on your original windshield.

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Why Does Rock Damage Spread?

  • Even though glass has a higher tensile strength than steel, even a small score, such as rock damage can weaken it by 90%. Temperature change and vibration are the two forces that will cause a scored piece of glass to crack further. Defrosters, air conditioners and the normal vibration caused by the vehicle’s operation will cause thermal shock and stress to the glass. The scored, or damaged, area of the glass is where the stress will be relieved by a separation of the glass at that point. Windshield repair will prevent the damaged area from separating.

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  • Insurance Companies Say: "Repair, Don't Replace, Windshields"

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