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Martin County, Saint Lucie County, Okeechobee County, Palm Beach County and Broward County Florida.

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SuperGlass HYDROCOAT Glass & Acrylic Coating

  • SuperGlass HYDROCOAT coating repels water, makes cleaning salt spray, bugs and debris quick and easy, and increases your visual acuity by up to 38%. It also creates a smoother surface on your glass and acrylic, actually making it clearer, and eliminating debris buildup and water stains. It makes your glass and acrylic perform better than brand new, and helps keep hard water from staining your doors and windows.


  • SuperGlass FL, INC. is an independently owned franchise. 

    Professional Trained and Professionally Equipped

    When it comes to service... We come to you!

Nautical Boat Glass and Acrylic Mobile Restoration Services:

SuperGlass FL, INC. will restore your fixed windows, sliding windows, glass doors, flybridge and hatches, including solid surface countertops on boats and yachts.

Restoration of glass and acrylic is done at your location.

Scratches, scuffs, pitting, discoloration and yellowing on acrylic.

We can restore your glass and acrylic windows at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our restoration services are amazing.

Don’t replace your scratched marine windows, door glass or hatches if you don’t have to.  Stained, scratched or discolored acrylic and glass can simply be restored. This saves you money and we make it look brand new!

We provide the highest quality, efficient and cost effective services.


Tremendous Savings Over Replacement:

The cost of restoring or repairing damaged glass is usually 10% to 15% of the cost of replacing it.

Save time and money through our experienced mobile service.

Additional costs are saved by eliminating a service charge, installation labor and debris removal charge.

No molding needs to be removed.


Scratch Removal and Polishing for Glass and Plastic

Scuffs on Glass and Plastic

Flybridge & Hatch Scratches

Scratches from Vandalism

Scratches from Cleaning

Hard Water Stains

Acid Wash Stains

Stains that Emit from Molding

Windshield Wiper Arcs

Glass Blocks

Tempered Glass

Interior Glass Walls

Glass Stairways

Decorative Glass

Shower Enclosures

Surface Cracking, Dull and Faded Acrylic

Boat and Airplane Windows

Faded, Yellowed and Scratched Polycarbonate



    All glass repair companies are not alike.
    SuperGlass stands out as a leader in technology, training and customer service because our crack repair programs and acrylic and glass restoration services are designed with customer satisfaction in mind, not budget or logistical difficulties.



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